The following statements were used in the statement made by the Ministry of Commerce:

“Recently, following the observation that our citizens have been victimized in the trade of real estate and second-hand motor vehicles through advertisements that do not reflect the truth, contain price inflation and deception, and that the complaints about this issue have increased a lot, in order to eliminate the said unethical and wrong practices and grievances, It has become obligatory to amend the Regulation on the Trade of Immovables and the Regulation on the Trade of Second-Hand Motor Vehicles.

As a result of the amendments made in the aforementioned regulations, it was aimed to prevent advertisements from being placed on fake accounts by hiding their open identity on advertisement sites. is prohibited. However, real estate brokers and auto dealers will be able to post the vehicle or immovable they are authorized to sell, by verifying with their authorization documents.

“An administrative fine from 10 thousand lira to 100 thousand lira will be imposed”

With the new regulation, real or legal persons who provide an electronic environment for the sale of immovables and second-hand motor vehicles belonging to others, are authorized to announce the second-hand motor land vehicle or immovable subject to the advertisement, as well as to verify their identity before membership or publication of the advertisement. obligation to verify.

It is aimed to prevent false advertisements that may lead to consumer victimization, to prevent speculative price increases, and to prevent information pollution in advertisements and advertisements in advertisement platforms that provide services in electronic environment. With the amendments to be made in the aforementioned regulations, administrative fines from 10 thousand Turkish liras to 100 thousand Turkish liras will be imposed for each violation.

It is obligatory for our citizens and real and legal persons who publish advertisements to comply with the amendments, which will come into force 2 months after the publication date.

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