At the opening, the BIST 100 index increased by 21.70 points compared to the previous close and gained 0.27 percent to 7,963.44 points.

The banking index increased by 0.05 percent and the holding index increased by 0.39 percent. Among the sector indices, electricity was the highest earner with 2.02 percent, and the most declining was security investment partnership with 0.07 percent.

Moving in an upward trend yesterday, the BIST 100 index completed the day at 7,941.73 points with a value gain of 2.92 percent, while achieving the highest daily close of all time, it brought its highest level record to 8,088.78 points.

Analysts stated that a positive trend was observed in global stock markets with the strengthening of expectations that the US Federal Reserve’s (Fed) interest rate hikes might come to an end, and noted that the data flow towards the labor market, which will intensify in the country from today, is expected to have an impact on asset prices.

While Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s statements on Friday were interpreted as “neither hawk nor pigeon” in the markets, it is predicted that the signals from the labor market may further reduce the uncertainties regarding the Fed’s monetary policies in the future.

Stating that today, the economic confidence index and foreign trade balance in the country, the housing price index in the USA and the number of job vacancies in the USA will be followed abroad, analysts noted that 8,000 and 8,200 levels are technically resistance in the BIST 100 index, and 7,900 and 7,750 points are support. .

On the other hand, Borsa Istanbul announced yesterday evening that it has changed the price tick and quotation spread intervals. The change will come into effect from October 6th.

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