Ramazan Özkaya, Chairman of the Board of the Central Union of Fisheries Cooperatives, evaluated the fishing season that will start in the seas as of September 1.

Expressing that the fishermen’s holiday is September 1, Özkaya said, “All fishermen have completed their preparations for the new fishing season. Our fishermen will start to feed cheap fish to the citizens.” used the phrase.

Özkaya, giving the information that some fish are especially abundant in the seas, said, “There is not much bonito this year, but our anchovy and bluefish will be very good. There may be a size problem in anchovies in Marmara. When the size problem is over, our citizens will eat plenty of anchovies.” he said.

Quota and regional fishing proposal

Pointing to the need to pay attention to the stocks in the seas, Özkaya said that fishing should be done without forgetting that the seas will be left to future generations. Özkaya stated that the fishermen use a renewable resource and said:

“Our fishermen need to be careful when catching fish from the seas. We want quotas and regional fisheries to be implemented so that fishing can be done without damaging the stocks. In this way, our fishermen will be able to spend time with their children after catching the determined fish. This will reduce the pressure on the stocks. If we can do this, our stocks, which are currently on a decreasing trend, will first be horizontal. level, then it starts to rise.”

Emphasizing that citizens should also pay attention to their height when buying fish, Özkaya said that warnings and complaints about this issue are very important.

Earthquake survivor fishermen are trying to prepare for the season

Pointing out that the fishermen affected by the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake that took place on February 6 are trying to heal their wounds and prepare for the new season, Özkaya reminded that the fishermen in the region are also supported.

Özkaya added that 370 thousand tons of fish are caught annually in Turkey, 60 thousand people work directly in the sector and they make great contributions to the economy.

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