Signatures were signed during the Collective Agreement process. There was no consensus on some articles for the general public. For the final word, the process was transferred to the Public Servants Arbitration Board.

Consisting of 11 members, the Public Servants Arbitration Board convened under the chairmanship of Metin Yener, the President of the Court of Accounts.

In the voting held by the Board of Arbitrators, the proposal for a raise was passed with 6 affirmative votes against 5.

Accordingly, 15 percent increase in the first six months of 2024, 10 percent in the second six months, 6 percent in the first six months of 2025 and 5 percent in the second six months.

More than 8 million people will be affected

The determined rates will also have an impact on the 65-year-old pension, disability pension and home care salaries. More than 8 million people will be directly affected.

43 percent increase expected in January

AYBU Lecturer Tarkan Zengin said, “I predict that the salaries of civil servants and civil servants will increase by 43 percent in January, with inflation different.”

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