The ban on fishing, which started on April 15, ended on September 1 and the fishermen set out to sea with their boats.

In the first hours of the night, the first fish of the season caught by boats took their place on the counters.

“We are expecting a lot of anchovy this year”

Fisherman in Samsun, Mustafa Kıyak, said, “Hadhad, horse mackerel and shad came from the boats. Fine fish were plentiful this year. We do not expect bonito or blueberry. This year, we expect plenty of anchovy. We have opened our season. I hope it will be fruitful. Sales are very good. Satisfied. Haddock 60 TL, horse mackerel 35 TL, shad 50 TL, salmon 60 TL. Fish is very cheap compared to meat and chicken. Our business is good, citizens are satisfied with the fish and their prices,” he said.

Saying that they call the fish season ‘Vira Bismillah’, fisherman Onurcan Köse said, “The boats came out last night. Today, there is an abundance of haddock. As the variety increases, the prices decrease and it gets better. Today’s abundance is in haddock and horse mackerel. Citizens were in abundance last year. He ate acorns, and this year it is said that anchovies will be plentiful. Hopefully, we will sell anchovies for 3-4 months. Citizens will be satisfied with anchovy,” he said.

The stalls were also active in Trabzon

The fishermen, who left their nets by saying “vira bismillah” at night in the city, came to the port with the fish caught in their nets in the first catch of the season.

In the Pazarkapı Neighborhood, varieties such as horse mackerel and whiting, as well as blueberry, shad and sea bream, were exhibited on the stalls.

At the stalls, horse mackerel was offered for sale for 100-125, 75-100 for whiting, 100 for shad, 150 for sea bass, 200 liras for bluefish and sea bream.

“Fish prices range between 75-200 liras”

Gökmen Aydın, one of the fishermen, stated that the fish prices vary between 75-200 liras and that the new season will go better with the cooling of the weather.

Stating that the sea water is also warm because the weather is hot, Aydın said, “When the weather gets cold, there will be horse mackerel, whiting, bonito and anchovy varieties, I hope. Now the weather is warm, the water of the sea is warm. I hope the citizens eat it when it gets abundant. Today, horse mackerel, haddock, shad arrived. Prices are 75- It varies between 200 liras. When the fish is plentiful, the citizen will eat plenty of fish by Allah’s leave. I hope the citizen will eat anchovy this year,” he said.

Fisherman Volkan Keleş also stated that the new season was fruitful and said, “It was very nice and fruitful. Thank God, we offer fresh fish to the citizens.” used the phrases.

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