Due to the modernization and re-opening of the Türkgözü Customs Gate, Turkey’s border gate to Georgia, the opening program was held on the platform established in front of the customs building.

In his speech here, Minister Bolat said that he was happy to open the Türkgözü Customs Gate in Ardahan.

Stating that they had modernized other doors before, and Türkgözü, in the easternmost part of Turkey, was also modernized, Bolat said:

“We are responsible for the management of 152 gates where foreign trade is carried out with a total of 620 billion dollars of exports and imports. In this context, we have modernized 13 important gates in cooperation with GTİ. It continues in Gürbulak. I hope we will open it as well. I express my gratitude to everyone who contributed. Our foreign trade the more it increases, the more peace and friendship between countries will increase, the prosperity will increase. The growth and wealth of countries will increase. Turkey is at the very center of the corridor of international trade. We have a strategic geographical location on the East-West axis, connecting the continents. We share a very important border with Georgia, which is an important transit point. One of them is Sarp, Çıldır-Aktaş and Türkgözü gates, good luck to both countries. I hope it will add wealth.”

“Our exports were 254 billion dollars last year. We are at the same figure as of the last 12 months this year. World trade declined, but we maintained the same level despite the negative effects of the earthquake,” Bolat continued:

“While 59 percent of our exports are made by sea, 31 percent is made by land and 8 percent by air. This means that we need very modern, fast and digitally functioning customs gates at our border crossings on our highways, where one third of our exports are made. Turkey “Our Ministry’s foreign trade of 620 billion dollars is managed by the work of our customs organization. Our success here will increase our foreign trade.”

Bolat stated that transactions with identity cards accelerated the transition between Georgia and Turkey and that this was of great importance.

“We brought Turkey the most modern customs gates”

Emphasizing that the acceleration of transportation to the Far East and Central Asia is among the most important goals of his ministry, Bolat said:

“While the number of vehicles was 534 thousand in 2021 with three doors opening to Georgia, this figure reached 940 thousand in 2022. You see, these modernization efforts accelerated this traffic. A total of 60 million vehicles arrived in our country by air, sea and land in 2022. Nearly 3 million of these 15 million passengers entered via Sarp, Türkgözü and Çıldır-Aktaş Customs gates. In the first 7 months of 2023, these three gates exceeded 3.5 million. Daily passenger traffic is around 16 thousand. For this reason, the necessary infrastructures have been prepared. Work on the infrastructure continues. This prevents congestion. The most modern devices are used to prevent migrant smuggling. We have brought the most modern customs gates to Turkey. The works here will also reduce the crowding in Sarp. It will guide through here.”

Stating that they aim to move Turkey forward in every field in line with the vision of the Century of Turkey, Bolat said that they will continue to determine policies by closely following the global economic developments.

Stating that they are working hard for the development and growth of Turkey, Bolat said, “The meetings we held in many countries were very productive. At many summits, we carry out intensive foreign contacts and trade diplomacy in order to develop our foreign economic relations at the maximum level and to benefit our country. The logistics sector is the most important sector. “As it is understood in this pandemic, logistics is one of the most important sectors. If it does not reach, its value is zero. Therefore, our most important goal is to develop transportation.” he said.

Celebrating September 1, World Peace Day, Bolat gave information about the features of Türkgözü Customs Gate.

The first Deputy Minister of Finance of Georgia Giorgi Kakauridze, Ardahan Governor Hayrettin Çiçek, AK Party Ardahan Deputy Kaan Koç, TOBB President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, and citizens from the surrounding provinces attended the program.

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