In his evaluation, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry İbrahim Yumaklı stated that they created a protection shield with the title of “state-supported TARSİM” in 2005 in order to protect farmers from natural disasters and to continue their agricultural activities.

Yumaklı stated that after this, increases were seen in the number of insured persons and the number of premiums in agriculture, and that with the state premium support and compensation payments, the food supply security in agriculture as well as the grievances of the farmers were prevented.

In Yumaklı, agricultural insurance covers mainly the damages of hail, frost, storm, flood and flood, wild boar, death, forced slaughter, death of fry and abortion of crops, greenhouse, cattle life, ovine life, poultry, water. products, village-based drought, beekeeping and income protection in 9 branches, he said.

“State insurance premium support of 20.3 billion liras was given to farmers”

Stating that a total of 22 million 472 thousand 653 policies have been issued since June 1, 2006, when the first policy was issued, Yumaklı shared the following information:

“20.3 billion liras of state insurance premium support was given to farmers. 15.7 billion liras of damage compensation was paid to producers. Since January 1, the total number of policies issued is 1 million 903 thousand 507, state insurance premium support is 5.6 billion liras. “While 2.7 billion liras of damage compensation has been paid in the 8-month period, 3.9 billion liras of outstanding claims are in the process of payment. We invite our farmers, who have not yet taken out their insurance, to take advantage of this protection shield.”

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