Minister Uraloğlu, who came to Rize to visit and make investigations, held a press conference after the Provincial Coordination Meeting held in the municipality.

Uraloğlu said that under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, they continue to take steps to build the Century of Turkey.

Pointing out that as the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, they have invested 4 trillion 173 billion liras in Turkey’s transportation and communication infrastructure in the last 21 years, Uraloğlu continued his words as follows:

“We increased our divided road length from 6,100 kilometers to over 29,000 kilometers. We increased the number of airports from 26 to 57. Divided roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, railways, airports… In short, countless works of art. Moreover, their construction took decades. It didn’t last. Remember the Black Sea Coastal Road, on which you are traveling every day. We waited for years to be built. We even gave up hope. This road was the most important part of the 1700-kilometer-long Black Sea Ring Road Development Project carried out within the scope of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization. Thank God. “The Black Sea Coastal Road was completed in 2007. My brothers from the Black Sea region forgot the ordeals experienced on the roads. With the Black Sea Coastal Road, movement came from Samsun to the Sarp Border Gate, and abundance came.”

Underlining that being on the Caucasus Corridor opening to Europe and Central Asia, Uraloğlu made Rize one of the important centers of the Eastern Black Sea Region and said, “With the completion of the rapidly growing and developing Organized Industrial Zone and the Iyidere Logistics Port, which is under construction, the Black Sea It will become an important logistics base in Turkey.” used the phrase.

Stating that they have spent approximately 75 billion liras for Rize’s transportation and communication infrastructure investments in the last 21 years, Uraloğlu said, “Until 2003, there were only 16 kilometers of divided roads. We made 175 kilometers and increased it to a total of 191 kilometers. Only 2 kilometers of the roads are BSK (bituminous hot We have completed very important projects such as the Black Sea Coastal Road, Ovit Tunnel and connection roads, İkizdere city pass, Hurmalık-1 and Hurmalık 2 tunnels and the Salarha Tunnel, which our citizens of Rize have dreamed of for 70 years. We continue to do so. ” he said.

“I think that Iyidere Logistics Port is a seal on the future of Rize”

Minister Uraloğlu noted that the tender process for Ardeşen-Ayder Road has started and continued as follows:

“We will hopefully start by making the tender for our 36.7 kilometer road this month. We also made the supply tender for the Iyidere-Ikizdere-Ovit Road. We are also finishing the 37-kilometer section between Iyidere-Ikizdere. The 19-kilometer section between İkizdere-Ovit will be invested as soon as possible. Work on the 6-kilometer common road on the Ayder-Tunca connection of the Ardeşen-Ayder-Tunca Road continues. We will also plan our work on the remaining 12-kilometer section. Our work continues on the Rize – Pehlivantaşı – Kalkandere road. The 18.5 kilometer line will be completed in 2024. “We will complete and put it into service. We will also visit our Iyidere Logistics Port and see the works on site. I think that Iyidere Logistics Port is a seal on the future of Rize.”

Reminding that they opened Rize-Artvin Airport, which is one of the few in the world built on the sea and the second airport in Turkey after Ordu-Giresun Airport, in May last year, Uraloğlu said, “Our Rize-Artvin Airport has become the 5th airport in the world. With a thousand-meter runway and a terminal building capable of serving 3 million passengers a year, it fully meets the air transportation needs of the region. said.

Uraloğlu stated that since the date of opening of Rize-Artvin Airport, a total of 8,510 domestic flights and 120 international flights have been made, and that there is a general total of 8,630 landing and take-off traffic, and that more than 1 million 200 thousand passenger traffic has been realized.

Expressing that Rize-Artvin Airport has a total of 12 flights daily, 6 flights to Istanbul Airport, 4 flights to Sabiha Gökçen and 2 flights to Ankara, and 24 reciprocal flights, Uraloğlu said that 2 million passengers have been flying to Rize-Artvin Airport since the day it opened until the end of the year. He said he would take advantage of it.

Rize-İzmir flights will start on 18 September

Noting that Rize-İzmir flights will also start, Uraloğlu said, “The first time will be on September 18. From October on, flights between Rize and İzmir will continue every Saturday. We are planning to increase these flights to two times a week as of November.”

Emphasizing that thanks to President Erdogan’s vision, Rize has become a city that works harder, produces, grows, enriches, develops and renews, Uraloğlu said:

“Rize will connect Turkey to the world as an international logistics base with the tunnels and bridges we have built, the developing transportation networks and the Iyidere Logistics Port that will be operational when completed, and will maintain its top position as the capital of tea. We don’t do it because we want to be an election material. Safe, fast and easy transportation is the most important component of trade, production and export. As the Ministry, we believe that each of our projects we plan for Rize will increase the region’s trade, production and tourism activities potential. “If we promised, we did. We have successfully completed projects that could become reality in 100 years. With the confidence that comes from what we have done in the past, we will build a great and powerful Turkey, on which the Turkish Century will rise.”

Visiting the Governor’s Office, Minister Uraloğlu wished success to İhsan Selim Baydaş, who was appointed as the Governor of Rize by the Governor’s Decree.

Uraloğlu was accompanied by AK Party Rize deputies Muhammed Avcı and Harun Mertoğlu, Rize Mayor Rahmi Metin, AK Party Provincial Chairman Hikmet Ayar.

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