In the economy, eyes turned to the Medium Term Program to be announced tomorrow. With the program, three-year macro targets will be shared and structural reform steps will be announced. It is expected that there will be hints about the steps to be followed in the fight against inflation and price stability.

OVP’s agenda is inflation

Program; It will be discussed under three main headings: monetary policy, fiscal policy and structural reforms. There will also be hints on the way to be followed in the fight against inflation. Tax reform is also among the topics expected to be included in the program.

Detailed indicators of growth will be discussed in the program. Forecasts on exports and employment will be shared. It is estimated that details on the savings and efficiency process in the public sector will also be included.

Commenting on the subject to TRT Haber, Uludağ University Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Filiz Eryılmaz said;

The main topic in the Medium Term Program will be the fight against inflation. Therefore, we will follow up on the monetary policy wing, as well as the fiscal policy wing, whether there will be a step in the fight against inflation. What kind of reducing measures will be taken in public expenditures in the process of narrowing the budget deficit, this will be followed. Another expectation will be: There is an expectation from the Medium Term Plan, albeit partial, that these policies, in which the taxation process is more widespread, will be implemented.

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