According to the statement made by the Ministry of Family and Social Services, within the scope of the “Strengthening Women’s Cooperatives” target in the Presidential 100-Day Action Program, “Women’s Cooperatives Strengthening Cooperation Protocol” was signed in 2018 in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of Trade under the coordination of the Ministry of Family and Social Services. signed.

Within the scope of the protocol, “Women’s Cooperatives Working Groups” were formed in 81 provinces and annual activity plans were prepared. Workshops and seminars were included in the activity plans.

In addition, Regional Meetings of Women’s Cooperatives were held. In 10 regional meetings, where it was aimed to improve communication between women’s cooperatives, to raise awareness of local governments on supporting women’s cooperatives and to spread good practices, 3,550 people were reached.

Within the scope of the protocol, approximately 45 thousand people came together with 894 workshops, training and information meetings held in 81 provinces, 434 cooperative visits were made, 1007 new women’s cooperatives were established.

Signing ceremony will be held tomorrow

In order to encourage women’s cooperatives, strengthen them and ensure their sustainability, the “Women’s Cooperatives Strengthening Cooperation Protocol”, completed by 2023, will be extended for another 5 years with the signing ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Family and Social Services tomorrow.

The following objectives will be included in the cooperation with the new protocol:

“Strong collaborations will be established to support projects, programs and activities to be carried out at central and local level to strengthen women’s cooperatives. We will provide training, consultancy and technical support on issues such as project development-implementation, product development, sales-marketing, technology use, branding, accounting. Studies will be carried out. In order to support women’s cooperatives in production, sales and marketing, studies will be carried out in cooperation with other institutions and organizations apart from 3 ministries. New activities will be carried out in order to ensure commercial cooperation among women’s cooperatives and to disseminate good practices.”

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