Industry and Technology Minister Mehmet Fatih Kacır answered the questions of journalists after the Cabinet meeting yesterday.

Kacır stated the following in his statements;

“We will set a new record in Izmir”

(TEKNOFEST) In fact, we have realized the biggest event of Ankara. As you know, there were more than 940,000 participations, and a higher number was not reached due to heavy rain on Sunday, but it was the biggest event in Ankara’s history.

Now, on September 27, this year’s last TEKNOFEST in Izmir. We said that we will do it in our three big cities in 2023. Of course, we are very happy, that both young people and the society from all age groups embrace this job so much, that they feel themselves as the owner of the national technology and that they come there with these feelings makes us very happy.

The fact that our Honorable President is with us, as he does every year, and that he gives his award to our champions shows how much the Turkish State attaches importance to this issue. I had a look at the Cabinet meeting today. I think fourteen of our ministers attended TEKNOFEST. In other words, it was probably the organization in which the ministers showed the most interest. So does our President.
Let’s see, I hope we can set a new record in Izmir as well.

“We want to increase cooperation with Russia”

Of course, Russian business people have significant investments in Turkey. It also has significant investments in the industrial sector. Those investments will continue. We will continue to encourage and support them. As in many countries. In fact, Russia has a very intense investment interest in Turkey. In some areas, more strategic cooperation with Russia is possible. We also want to increase cooperation in areas where our mutual capabilities are strong.

Of course, some negotiations are also held in the defense industry. You already know. Here we supply air defense systems from Russia.

Tax free phone for youth

Some assessments are made. It will be announced when complete. With the final statement, the public will know. I guess it will be announced very soon.

Turkey is a young country, so as you know, we have a very young population with an average age of 33. There are millions of students in universities in formal education. There are some promises we make to all these young people. We aim to keep these words step by step. In other words, a few months have passed since the election, but our President is instructing us to keep all the promises we made as soon as possible.

Normally, we have a five-year term, but our aim is not to postpone it, we intend to keep our promises to our nation as soon as possible.

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