Bolat shared on his social media account regarding the Medium Term Program (MTP), which was announced under the auspices of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and covers the period 2024-2026.

Bolat stated that he participated in the OVP Promotion Meeting held with the participation of ministers and presidents who are members of the Economy Coordination Board and representatives of the private sector’s umbrella organization.

“In the MTP covering the 2024-2026 period, our policies that provide macroeconomic and financial stability by healing the wounds of earthquake disasters and reducing disaster risks, aiming at permanent price stability with the focus of fighting inflation, prioritizing investment, employment, production, export, and increasing social justice and welfare, We have set our macroeconomic targets.”

“We aim for our exports to exceed 300 billion dollars at the end of the MTP period”

Bolat pointed out that, within the scope of the MTP, despite the negative effects of the February 6 earthquakes and the weak outlook in the global economy and trade, they predicted that exports will increase to 255 billion dollars in 2023, and made the following assessments:

“We aim for our exports to exceed 300 billion dollars in 2026, which is the end of the program period. We aim to gradually reduce the current account deficit, which is expected to be 42.5 billion dollars in 2023, to 30 billion dollars in 2026. Thus, the current account deficit, which is 4 percent in 2023, is targeted.” We will reduce the share of the transactions deficit in the gross domestic product to 2.3 percent in 2026. We aim to ensure a sustainable improvement in the current account account by strengthening the production capacity of our country with technological transformation. By this means, we aim to reach higher economic growth levels with lower import figures I hope that our Medium-Term Program will be instrumental in the construction of the Turkish Century, for our entire nation, our country and our economy.”

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