During the meeting at the Presidential Complex, chaired by Minister of Trade Ömer Bolat, Vice President Cevdet Yılmaz and President of the Presidency Strategy and Budget, İbrahim Şenel, the questions of the representatives of local and foreign news agencies regarding the Medium Term Program (MTP) were answered.

Bolat pointed out that this MTP could be referred to as the “September 6 Programme” in the future and said that the Turkish economy will now continue on its way within the framework of the targets, measures and reforms envisaged in the MTP.

Bolat said, “This year, we will not remain below last year’s exports. Within the framework of this plan, we will use all our instruments to reach the target of 267 billion dollars next year, 283 billion dollars in 2025 and 302 billion dollars in 2026. In terms of encouraging and further increasing exports, we will use all our instruments. “We are pushing new market conditions in distant countries, Islamic countries, Africa and Asia to increase our share in western markets. These efforts are bearing positive fruits.” made its assessment.

“Our biggest goal is to reduce the current account balance deficit”

Underlining that reducing the current account deficit is their biggest goal, Bolat stated that they will follow a proactive foreign trade policy in imports and that the MTP will be a successful road map in this context.

Reminding that they made various visits to Iraq last week, Bolat said that the high-level officials he met expressed their desire to work closely with Turkey.

Bolat stated that most of the construction activities in Iraq were carried out by Turkish contractors and said:

“Turkish products have a clear advantage in the market. Turkey and China are the two biggest suppliers of the country. They said that their direction is towards Turkey and that there is serious potential in both trade and construction activities in the future and that they want to work more closely. Starting from Faw Port and Ovaköy “The ‘Development Road Project’, which they have determined as a project, is both a railway and a road project. At the first estimate, the cost of this 1200-kilometer railway project seems to be 16 billion dollars, and the cost of the road project is 6 billion dollars. Turkey is both a partner and a partner in this 22 billion dollar project. They want the project to take part as a producer in the project. They see the project as a very important shortened transit route, such as transporting their own transportation and transit transportation from the Gulf to Europe via Turkey in 3-4 days. Since the starting point and progress of the project is Turkish territory, they attach importance to the partnership with Turkey. “They want to do this. In fact, Turkey’s power, influence and perception abroad are many times greater than what is felt or evaluated here.”

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