According to the compilation made from the MTP for the years 2024-2026, the capacity and capabilities of companies for digital technologies will be supported.

During the program period, within the scope of accelerating digital transformation, strengthening electronic communication infrastructures, disseminating new generation network infrastructures, developing qualified R&D human resources in priority sectors and areas, increasing competence in technologies for digital transformation, increasing the capacity and capacity of companies, especially SMEs, for digital technologies. It is planned to support their capabilities and create effective mechanisms for financing.

In this context, cyber security will be strengthened with more holistic policies across the country. “2024-2027 National Cyber ​​Security Strategy and Action Plan” will be prepared to increase national cyber defense and cyber deterrence capability.

The use of cloud computing and open source software will be expanded to increase innovation and procurement efficiency in the use of digital technologies in the public sector and to generate value from data. In this context, improvements will be made in the public employment regime to encourage the employment of qualified IT personnel.

Cloud computing investments will be supported

In order to accelerate the transition to the data economy, data governance framework arrangements will be established in which data ownership and data sharing responsibilities and technical methods will be determined. A National Data Strategy will be prepared to increase data-based competitiveness.

Data center and cloud computing investments will be supported to make Turkey a regional center for data processing activities.

Infrastructure installation will be encouraged in regions where broadband infrastructure development is difficult, and infrastructure will be established in settlements where there is no mobile communication infrastructure.

The development of domestic technologies for digital transformation such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, cyber security and cyber-physical systems will be supported in the industrial and service sectors.

Competence of local software companies will be increased and platforms supporting cooperation will be created. An open source software ecosystem will be developed, and human resources in the software industry will be increased.

Nano and micro satellite technologies will be developed

According to OVP, “TEKNOFEST Technology Workshops” will be established in 81 provinces.

Advanced technological research will be conducted in the field of quantum technologies and their application to industry will be ensured.

Mechanisms will be created to enable Turkish experts living abroad in deep technology fields to start ventures in Turkey.

Technological capabilities and investments in new generation energy and transportation systems such as energy-intensive battery technologies, connected vehicles, fully autonomous (driverless) mobility systems and off-rail systems will be increased.

Within the framework of the National Space Program, satellite development and marketing activities in Turkey will be coordinated and R&D and product development studies will be carried out in new technological areas such as nano and micro satellites and mega constellations.

Product verification, yield estimation, artificial intelligence and geographical information systems will be created with digital applications in agricultural activities.

By strengthening the digital finance infrastructure, measures will be taken to develop domestic technologies in the field of fintech.

Securities will be issued through blockchain-based smart contracts, and the issuance processes will be digitalized.

The “Electronic Data Research Center (E-VAM)” project, which allows researchers to access micro data and conduct scientific studies via remote access, will be implemented.

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