According to the statement made by the Ministry, olives are among the most basic sources of income in Milas, one of the important production centers of Turkey and the Aegean Region, from the early ages until today.

Milas oil olives, which are table olives, are obtained from the Memecik variety, which is widely grown within the borders of the district, and is prepared by covering it with olive oil with a maximum free acidity value of 1 percent.

Milas oil olives, which are naturally pickled olives, are in the whole olive class and are offered to the market as scratched olives. In the preparation of this olive, no food additives or food ingredients that have flavoring properties are used. Additionally, sterilization and pasteurization processes are not applied.

As a result of the work carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Milas oil olives received geographical indication registration from the EU. Thus, while the number of products registered with the EU reached 14, the number of products of Milas that received EU registration increased to 2. Previously, Milas olive oil had received EU geographical product registration.

“We continue our work in the international arena to register our flavors.”

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry İbrahim Yumaklı, whose views were included in the statement, stated that they attach great importance to the registration of geographical indications in Turkey and the transformation of these registrations into economic benefits.

Pointing out that they are working for the products to receive the EU geographical indication, Yumaklı drew attention to the importance of registering the values ​​that Turkey has in the international arena.

Minister Yumaklı said:

“Thus, our products are both protected and become more valuable. We continue our efforts to register our cultural assets, values ​​and tastes in the international arena. Our Milas olive oil has become our 14th product registered by the EU. May it be beneficial for our country, industry and producers. “We are trying to increase it.”

There are 4 products in line, 40 items are pending

For EU geographical indication registration, 4 products, namely Edremit bay green scratched olive, Ayaş tomato, Ezine cheese and Maraş tarhana, have been published in the EU Official Gazette and are expected to be registered at the end of the 3-month objection period.

The 40 products awaiting application for EU geographical indication registration are as follows:

“Afyon pastrami, Afyon sausage, Pistachio, Kayseri ravioli, İnegöl meatballs, Tonya butter, Aydın Memecik olive oil, Bursa chestnut sugar, Amasya flower okra, Bursa black fig, Safranbolu saffron, Manisa Sultani seedless grape, Kilis olive oil, Ipsala rice, Aydın Memecik olive, Araban garlic, Manisa mesir paste, Hüyük strawberry, Isparta rose oil, Silifke yogurt, Osmaniye peanut, Kayseri pastrami, Adana turnip, Urla gum artichoke, Demirci jujube, Bingol honey, Rize tea, Sinop chestnut honey, Kayseri sausage, Bursa peach, Tarsus Sarıulak olive, Erzurum water pastry, Melli fig, Maraş pastry, Hopa anchovy bread, Gaziantep Menengiç coffee / Gaziantep Melengiç coffee, Kırkağaç melon / Kırkağaç bowler, Milas Çekişke olive, Hatay Kaytaz pastry, Aydın pine nut.”

On the other hand, applications were made for traditional product registration to the EU for döner, Turkish coffee, Turkish delight, traditional yoghurt/Turkish yogurt and traditional baklava/Turkish baklava.

Geographical indication is defined as a sign indicating the product identified with the region, area, region or country of origin in terms of a distinctive feature, reputation or other characteristics.

There are 1457 geographical indications and traditional product name registered products in Turkey. 1271 of these consist of agricultural and food products. These registrations are considered valid within the borders of Türkiye. In order to provide protection in all EU countries, it is necessary to apply to the European Commission within the framework of the Council of Europe Regulation No. 2012/1151 on the Quality Bill on Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs.

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