The 18th G20 Leaders Summit, hosted by India with the main theme “One World, One Family, One Future”, started with the official ceremony where Modi welcomed the leaders.

In the opening speech of the summit held in the capital, New Delhi, Modi said, “I invite the African Union representative to take his place as a permanent member of the G20.” said.

At a time when there were discussions about changing the name of the country from “India” to “Bharat”, Modi’s speech in front of a sign saying the Sanskrit name of his country, “Bharat”, attracted attention.

Prime Minister Modi stated that G20 members, consisting of the world’s largest economies, agreed to grant permanent member status to the AU.

After his speech, Modi shook hands with AU Chairman Azali Assoumani.

There was widespread support for the AU to become the second regional bloc to become a permanent member of the G20, after the European Union.

G20 Leaders Summit

Leaders of the G20 countries, which represent 85 percent of global economic production and 75 percent of world trade and cover 2/3 of the world’s population, will discuss comprehensive global economic reforms at this year’s 3-session meeting.

Having experienced the excitement of the “presidency” for the first time this year, India will discuss issues such as green development, accelerated/inclusive and resilient growth, accelerated progress in sustainable development goals, technological transformation and digital public infrastructure, multilateral institutions for the 21st century, and women-led development. is expected to stand out.

In addition, the issue of sustainable development as well as reducing the differences between developed and developing countries will be brought to the agenda at the meeting.

During India’s over-a-year presidency, the G20 will address issues such as more debt from multilateral institutions to developing countries, reforming the international debt structure, cryptocurrency regulations, and the impact of geopolitical uncertainties on energy and food security.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin will not attend the summit. China will be represented by Prime Minister Li Chiang and Russia by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Intensive security measures for G20

Due to the G20, air and ground security measures have been increased in New Delhi.

While it was stated that more than 50 thousand police officers were on duty for the summit, it was reported that the Indian National Security Guard supported the police force in ensuring security.

Many avenues, streets and workplaces in the area where the summit will be held were closed until September 11. Additionally, travel restrictions will be applied in some regions until the end of the summit.

In addition to the precautions, the police tried to ensure traffic flow on the streets and streets and closed some roads with barriers on the route leading to the meeting area.

In New Delhi, streets, pavements and billboards were decorated with the title “G20” for the summit, and flags of G20 member countries were hung at intersections. Many taxis and rickshaws that transport passengers throughout the city are also equipped with G20 labels.

The summit is followed closely by many national and international media organizations. Members of the press convey the developments of the summit to their viewers and readers at the press center at the Bharat Mandapam International Fair and Convention Center.

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