According to the compilation made from the Medium Term Program (MTP) for the years 2024-2026, it is envisaged that structural reforms for the labor market will be implemented during the program period.

Despite the fact that employment will increase by an average of 909 thousand people annually throughout the program and the estimated increase in labor force participation rates, the unemployment rate is expected to gradually decline and reach 9.3 percent in 2026.

Vocational training programs will be implemented in cooperation with industry, taking into account the results of the analysis to be conducted in pilot provinces to meet the need for qualified intermediate staff.

There will be at least one employee in every family

By transitioning to a household-based monitoring system through job and vocational counselors, employment opportunities will be made available to more people.

Measures will be taken to ensure that there is at least one employee in every family, especially young people.

In order to encourage the participation of young people in education and employment in education and employment, programs that take into account their vocational training, competencies and skills will be implemented.

Programs and activities that will increase young people’s career awareness regarding the professions of the future will be disseminated.

Professional standards and qualifications will be prepared in the fields of green and digital transformation. Necessary updates will be made in professional standards and the green and digital competence gap will be closed.

Regulations will be implemented to enable vocational and technical high school graduates to participate in employment at an early stage in order to meet the needs of the labor markets, prioritizing the business lines in their region, and with this understanding, the function of vocational schools will be reviewed.

Public-university-private sector cooperation programs will be implemented to train qualified workforce in strategic areas such as defense industry, artificial intelligence, cyber security, clean and sustainable energy and space technologies.

Programs will be implemented to enable every individual of working age to acquire professions to which they feel a sense of belonging, with the skills they can produce and earn income from.

Participation in lifelong learning will be increased and collaborations with sectors will be strengthened to ensure that individuals remain employed and their skills are adapted to today’s needs.

Active workforce programs will be effectively implemented to ensure workforce adaptation to jobs required by green and digital transformation and to create new employment opportunities.

Special programs will be developed to ensure the full, equal, secure and effective participation of women in the changing labor market with digital and green transformation, and to equip women and girls with the new skills that will be needed.

Programs in the fields of entrepreneurship, financial literacy and cooperatives that will increase women’s participation in the workforce will be expanded and disseminated.

In order to realize a just transition process, a needs analysis will be made for those employed in regions and occupational groups that may be affected by the green transformation.

The number of accessible day care centers will be increased in order to encourage caregivers to participate in the workforce and increase their participation in social life.

“Family and Youth Bank” will be established

In line with the developments in new generation flexible working models such as remote, part-time and temporary work and platform work, legislative regulations will be implemented by taking into account the needs of the business world and work-private life balance.

“Family and Youth Bank” will be established to protect and strengthen the family, to support young people getting married, and to contribute to the development and initiatives of young people.

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