According to the written statement made by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Minister İbrahim Yumaklı stated that it is of great importance to distribute animals free of charge and in kind, in order to ensure the continuity of animal production in the provinces affected by the earthquake.

Yumaklı pointed out that the provinces in question have an important place in the country’s animal husbandry and made the following evaluation:

“As the Ministry, we have made efforts to heal the wounds with our entire organization from the first moment of the earthquake. We are working non-stop to restore the countryside in the region and revitalize production. In this regard, we also support our breeders whose animals perished in the earthquake disaster. We are revitalizing animal production even more. Our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip “Our work continues rapidly in line with the decree published by Erdoğan.”

Stating that they continue to heal the wounds of breeders with free animal distribution with a total budget of 880 million liras in the provinces affected by the earthquake, Yumaklı stated that they have distributed a total of 43 thousand 317 sheep, 548 thousand 842 poultry and 26 thousand 273 beehives in 11 provinces so far under the coordination of the General Directorate of Livestock under the Ministry. did.

5 thousand 804 cattle will be distributed

The destroyed cattle, sheep, poultry and beehives of citizens engaged in breeding activities in the region are compensated in kind within the scope of the Presidential Decree No. 135 dated March 12, 2023, in order to restore the countryside in the earthquake zone and ensure the continuity of animal production.

In this context, studies are carried out by provincial/district damage assessment commissions in the provinces of Adana, Adıyaman, Diyarbakır, Gaziantep, Hatay, Kahramanmaraş, Kilis, Malatya, Osmaniye, Şanlıurfa and Elazığ and in the Gürün district of Sivas.

While the animal distribution process started on May 27, the distribution of sheep, poultry and beehives has been completed in the region, and the distribution of a total of 5 thousand 804 cattle is planned to start in the coming days.

Within the scope of the relevant Presidential Decree, farmers’ perished animals are compensated, free of charge, once and for all, with animals of the same breed provided by the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TİGEM) enterprises affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

For this, the perished animal must be registered in TÜRKVET and must be detected by the provincial/district damage assessment commissions.

Farmers affected by the earthquake do not need to make a separate application for their lost animal(s).

Distribution is made through breeder/producer organizations under the coordination of the Ministry, primarily for breeders who have the necessary shelter and infrastructure.

Breeders who benefit from in-kind support cannot sell, transfer or use their animals for other purposes for 2 years, except for force majeure.

In case of death of the farmer affected by the earthquake, the animals are given to the heirs. The same conditions apply to heirs.

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