The general hunting ban for fishing with bottom trawls and purse seine nets, which started on April 15, ended on September 1.

The fishermen said ‘Vira bismillah’ and brought their nets to the sea. While horse mackerel, whiting and a small amount of sargan were caught in the nets of the fishermen who opened the season, fishermen hunting in the Black Sea also caught the first anchovies of the year.

The prices of anchovy and horse mackerel, which were sold for 100 lira per kilo last week, also decreased. While the price of horse mackerel decreased to 50 lira, the price of anchovy took its place on the counters between 50 and 70 lira.

[Fotoğraf: DHA]

“Sea water needs to cool down a bit”

Fisherman Yaşar Karasüleyman stated that the sea water should cool down a little and said, “The fish is breathing. There is no need to say anything else. This anchovy is breathing. It has not died yet, it is so fresh. The local anchovy came out of Araklı Port. It is a perfect anchovy, everyone knows it today.” “This is the first time I’ve seen anchovies like this. This year, anchovies will drop to 20 liras. This anchovy is abundant, we will sell it for 20 liras per kilo,” he said.

“I have never seen such good anchovies”

Musa Ökten, who came to buy fish, said, “There seems to be a bit of abundance on the counters this year. Prices are reasonable. We expect a lot from anchovy this year. We think there will be more anchovy. Anchovy is our favorite type. Anchovy attracts our attention.”
Murat Temiz also said, ‘I have never seen such good anchovies in the winter months. If it continues like this, it may be better in winter. When we talked a little with friends, they said that acorns were not available this year, and that there would be a lot of anchovy. We eat bonito and anchovies at home. We consume whatever is fresh that day,” he said.

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