President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a statement to journalists on the plane on his return from India, where he went to attend the G20 Leaders’ Summit.

President Erdoğan stated the following in his statements:

As you know, I personally opened our financial center in Ataşehir, and some financial institutions settled here. Public banks settled here. I saw at the opening, we had a really very nice financial center. Now, with this step to be taken, we will ensure that an energy center is established in Ataşehir. It won’t just be natural gas there. Many steps will be taken there, from oil, mines, renewable energy, ores to jewellery.

“There will be a natural gas center in Thrace”

When we say gold exchange, there will be a serious circulation not only in the place we know, but also there, if necessary, and along with all this, there will be a natural gas center in Thrace. We discussed this with Mr. Putin during his Sochi visit. As you know, approximately 40-50 percent of the natural gas currently coming from Thrace will meet Turkey’s needs, but Europe is currently expecting natural gas from us. For example, Hungary expects natural gas from us and we have promises we made to them. We said, “We will meet your natural gas demand from here” and we will supply natural gas to Europe from the distribution center in Thrace. Ataşehir will be the place where many types of energy are marketed and distributed.

“We are continuing our efforts to deliver Russian gas to Europe via Türkiye”

We discuss the energy issue as a priority and under a separate heading in our meetings with our interlocutors on the margins of the summit and on all international platforms. We have always had and will continue to have new and different work on energy. We talked about our relations on energy and the new steps to be taken with the leaders we met. Our work continues to deliver Russian gas to Europe via Turkey. It is possible for the resources of other countries to reach the European market with Turkey being the global energy center.

“Global natural gas price to be determined in Turkey”

In particular, the global natural gas price will be determined in Turkey with concrete steps we will take, such as a physical natural gas base to be established in Turkey in the upcoming period. We continue to work for this. As the works mature and when it comes to the finalization stage, we share our new good news with the public. Pricing is a step we will take, a decision we will make together with them. Our Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources will finalize these by meeting with our Minister’s interlocutors. We will continue our journey with the decisions we will make jointly as a result of these discussions. Look, for example, Saudi Arabia and Russia played around with oil prices. What did the world do as a result of playing with prices? It cannot be done with ‘I made the decision’ alone. They will be together.

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