TİGEM, which is the most important organization in certified seed production for Turkey with its genetic resources, land size, experience and technology, plays an active role in the development of seed production and widespread use of products such as grains and forage crops.

TİGEM, which carries out activities to increase and diversify the country’s crop production and improve product quality, also delivers the seeds and similar products it produces to farmers.

Production increased by 28 percent compared to last year

For the purpose of certified grain seed production, the harvest of grain plantings, primarily wheat, barley, triticale and oats, was successfully completed in 15 enterprises affiliated with TİGEM in 2022.

At the end of the harvest of a total of 1 million 21 thousand 401 decares of cultivated land, including 903 thousand 331 decares of wheat, 99 thousand 219 decares of barley, 16 thousand 482 decares of triticale and 2 thousand 369 decares of oats, the highest production figure of all time was achieved and a total of 392 thousand tons of cereal crops were obtained. was done.

As a result of the maintenance activities carried out with great effort throughout the season, total production increased by 28 percent compared to last year. In 2022, 306 thousand tons of certified grain crops were produced.

Certified seeds, which will be prepared from the harvested grain crop in TİGEM’s modern seed preparation facilities, will be made available to producers in the fall 2023 planting season.

“We are experiencing a fruitful production year”

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry İbrahim Yumaklı pointed out that it was a fruitful production year and stated that the grain harvest of 392 thousand tons in TİGEM’s 15 enterprises was an all-time record.

Emphasizing that the institution has a locomotive role for Turkish agriculture, Yumaklı said, “Our TİGEM enterprises have a very valuable and functional position in terms of agricultural production. These enterprises make significant contributions to the improvement efforts in agriculture with their active role in the production and distribution of materials such as certified seeds and highly qualified breeders. At the same time, “Our TİGEM enterprises, which produced 140 thousand tons of certified grain seeds in 2022, continue their efforts to increase this figure even higher in 2023,” he said.

Minister Yumaklı pointed out that with the increasing use of certified seeds, there have been great increases in domestic production in the last 20 years. Underlining that 97 percent of the certified seeds used by farmers are produced domestically, Yumaklı made the following assessment:

“The ratio of exports to imports in certified seeds increased from 31 percent in 2002 to 137 percent in 2022. Therefore, this success is Turkey’s success, from farmers to exporters, from entrepreneurs to our institutions and businesses. One of the pioneers of this success is undoubtedly TİGEM.”

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