The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry carried out 54 thousand 776 simultaneous inspections on mass consumption places such as restaurants, cafes and hotels in 81 provinces for approximately 3 weeks. During the inspections, 245 administrative sanctions were imposed.

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry İbrahim Yumaklı stated that they continue their work with determination at every stage from field to table in order to provide safe food to citizens.

Reminding that they instructed 81 provincial Directorates of Agriculture and Forestry to intensify food inspections, Yumaklı stated that workplaces where mass food consumption is carried out, such as restaurants, restaurants, cafes and hotels, were inspected simultaneously throughout the country between 21 August and 8 September.

Minister Yumaklı noted that during this period, more than 7 thousand Ministry control officers inspected technical, hygienic and compliance with storage conditions and said, “During approximately 3 weeks, 54 thousand 776 inspections were carried out and 245 administrative sanctions were imposed.” made his assessment.

“Our inspections will continue uninterrupted throughout the year”

Pointing out the importance of food sales places such as butchers, delicatessens, grocery stores, markets and buffets meeting the necessary conditions for production and sales in terms of protecting public health, Yumaklı said:

“Simultaneous inspections will be carried out for these workplaces between September 13 and September 29. Businesses such as butchers, delicatessens, grocery stores, markets and buffets, where foods that are especially important in terms of preservation and hygiene conditions are sold, will be examined to determine whether they are registered and whether they meet traceability conditions. 7 thousand 628 Ministry control officers will be on duty in these inspections, which will be carried out simultaneously in 81 provinces.

As in the past, we will not allow unsafe food to be offered to our citizens for consumption. We will not tolerate those who resort to this, and we will continue to impose the necessary sanctions within the framework of the law. We will continue these inspections at certain periods in different areas to raise awareness. In addition, our routine inspections by our General Directorate of Food and Control will continue uninterrupted throughout the year.”

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