Texhibition Istanbul Fabric and Textile Accessories Fair, organized in cooperation with Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Association (İTHİB) and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), opened its doors at Istanbul Expo Center.

Speaking at the opening of the fair, which brings together thousands of buyers from EU countries, the UK, the USA, North African countries and the Middle East with companies operating in the Turkish textile industry, Minister of Commerce Ömer Bolat expressed his pleasure at being at the opening of the fair, which was held for the 4th time this year.

Reminding that they opened the Istanbul Ready-made Clothing and Fashion Fair (Istanbul Fashion Connection-IFCO), which is the largest ready-made clothing and apparel fair in Europe, at the same place approximately 5 weeks ago, Bolat continued his words as follows:

“Texhibition also takes its place as the largest textile fair in Europe. In other words, IFCO on the one hand, and Texhibition on the other hand, hopefully takes its place as fairs that reveal the rightful fame of Turkish textile in the world and the rightful place it has gained. We, as the government, as the Ministry of Commerce, participate in these fairs. “We are very pleased to provide our support. Hopefully, in a few years, the centers of the fashion and textile world will be remembered together with these two fairs.”

Stating that more than 400 companies participated in this fair, Bolat said, “According to the information I obtained, hundreds of companies were left out due to lack of space. Hopefully, from now on, our fair will grow even more and it will be possible for them to take part.” he said.

“Türkiye is now a known country in the world export league”

Ömer Bolat said that Turkish textile, Turkish towel, Turkish fabric, Turkish apparel, Turkish curtain, Turkish steel, Turkish ceramics, Turkish contractor, Turkish white goods and Turkish tourism are Turkey’s leading sectors worldwide.

Stating that as a country that achieved an average real growth of 5.5 percent in the last 20 years, they increased the national income from 214 billion dollars to 906 billion dollars and exports from 36 billion dollars to 254 billion dollars, Bolat emphasized that these achievements were possible with the success of the said sectors in exports.

Reminding that they used to “celebrate when they crossed the billion dollar export limit” per year and month, Bolat said that now they export 1 billion dollars per day, they have become a country that exports an average of 20-23 billion dollars per month, and that this will not be enough, they need to raise these figures much higher. He stated that it was necessary.

Stating that the progress they have made cannot be underestimated, Bolat said, “Turkey is now a well-known country in the world export league, it has many brands. It produces quality and branded products. It makes fast deliveries. It is very successful in logistics. It can deliver its goods even to the most remote geographies of the world in 3 days. It has the best weather conditions in the world.” “It has one of the roads. It can provide very fast transportation by sea. These are our pluses and advantages.” he said.

“We are pushing for 1 trillion dollars in national income”

Minister of Commerce Bolat stated that the Turkish economy has been growing uninterruptedly for the last 12 quarters and that they aim to close 2023 with 4.5 percent growth.

Reminding that the Medium Term Program (MTP) was announced last week, Bolat said, “Hopefully, we will achieve growth of 4.5-5 percent in the MTP in the next 3 years. Why is this important? It is important to provide jobs for our people and increase our prosperity and wealth.” said.

Pointing to the increase in Turkey’s national income, Bolat said that they are pushing 1 trillion dollars this year. Bolat stated that global economies do not always go up and stumbles may occur from time to time and said, “There is a period of suppression in demand as serious interest rate increases and anti-inflation programs are implemented, especially in the West. This leads to a decrease in trade in many sectors. As of this year, trade “There is no significant increase in the world. Likewise, the average growth rate in the world will be 3 percent or below. When we look at our country, we hope that our growth will slow down a little, but hopefully be around 4.5 percent.” he said.

“Our textile and apparel sectors will continue to grow”

Referring to the increase in industrial production, the decline in the unemployment rate, and the export records in July and August, Bolat continued as follows:

“However, our rate of increase (in exports) has slowed down. As of now, we are trying to maintain the same figures as last year. Why? Because demand in the world has shrunk, trade has shrunk. Textile, other sectors and apparel are also affected by this. These developments are undesirable but natural. There is no such thing as time going on like this. Let’s not worry. Let’s never despair or despair. These sectors are Turkey’s world-class sectors. The sectors in which we rank 3rd in Europe and 7th in the world. It was our most important sector in the Ottoman Empire. It was the first and only sector of our Republic. “It was the most important sector, along with the food sector. Turkey, as a cotton producing country, will always keep this sector alive, support it and develop it further, along with its textiles, apparel and other textile products. We will do this with the state, government and private sector.”

Bolat stated that from time to time they hear depressing statements about textiles or such as “we have lost this sector, the sector is declining, this sector has been discarded” and said, “Such statements are absolutely wrong statements. Sometimes they are caused by people’s efforts to reflect their own internal problems to the whole sector and wrong.” “Of course, sometimes there are troublesome processes in human life, as in other companies and sectors… But thank God, our textile, apparel and other sectors will continue their growth both at home and abroad by looking for alternative markets and alternative customers.” he said.

He emphasized that he is here to show that they are with the textile industry and that they will always continue to support it.

“We increased financial support to exporters by 10 times in 1.5 months”

Minister of Commerce Bolat stated that they stand by all exporters with all their power, bureaucracy, legislation and incentive measures, mentioned that the new cabinet completed its 100th day yesterday and gave examples of the increased support in the intervening period.

Stating that they increased the capital provided by Türk Eximbank for exporters by 40 percent in this process, Bolat noted that they provided 70 billion liras of financing support.

Bolat stated that the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey increased the financing support (rediscount loan) offered to exporters by 10 times in 1.5 months and increased it to 3 billion 50 million TL.

Stating that they will not be satisfied with these, Bolat said, “Hopefully, we will more than double our export supports in the 2024 budget. We received the promise of this from our Ministry of Finance. We will continue to do whatever we can for you in this sense. Please also increase your efforts, increase your export markets and export products.” “We expect you to diversify, look to the future with hope and benefit from these opportunities, and contribute to the country’s economy in terms of exports, foreign currency, employment and taxes.” he said.

After the speeches, Minister Bolat and his accompanying delegation cut the opening ribbon of the fair and inspected the event.

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