Landlord Ş.OA demanded 15 thousand liras per month from its tenant MNA for the new lease period. An agreement could not be reached between the tenant and the landlord regarding this price.

Since the parties could not reach a conclusion, the matter was taken to court. Then, the mandatory mediation requirement, which came into force a while ago, came into effect.

At the end of negotiations that lasted about 2 weeks, the parties reached an agreement.

In the agreement text, “The parties agreed that the landlord Ş.OA and the tenant MNA will continue the lease for 1 more year and the rent will be paid as 7 thousand 500 lira per month, starting from November 15. In addition, the parties agreed that at the end of the renewed lease period, the tenants will be unregistered.” and they have agreed to give a written undertaking to unconditionally evacuate the real estate and deliver it to the lessor.” statements were included.

“Both parties are happy with the result”

Tenant MNA expressed that he was satisfied with the result and said, “We resolved the dispute between me and my landlord through mediation. The other party’s lawyer and our mediator came together and we agreed on a common point. Both parties are happy with the result. It was time for the rent update. They agreed on a figure below the rent update. “We decided to evacuate the house after a year.” she said.

“I hope the application will be an example for everyone”

The landlord’s lawyer, Özlem Şan Oğuzhan, also said that resolving the dispute regarding the rent increase through mediation provided serious benefits.

Mediator lawyer İrfan Medet Akpınar thanked the parties for conducting the negotiation process in accordance with the essence and spirit of mediation.

Stating that he tried to contribute to the process as much as he could, Akpınar said, “The parties sought compromise in terms of bringing their interests and interests together. Ultimately, they signed a good agreement. I hope that the practice will be an example for everyone. The main purpose of mediation is for the parties to understand each other, listen to each other, and understand the conditions and conditions at the table.” “evaluate and find a solution together.” said.

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