The opening ceremony of the 10th Congress of the World Turkish Business Council, which was held under the auspices of the Presidency and brought together important names of the Turkish diaspora, was held with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Minister of Trade Ömer Bolat.

Speaking at the opening of the congress held at the Haliç Congress Center, DEİK President Nail Olpak said that they will determine strategies for the development of communication and trade between diasporas in the event that brings together the Turkish diaspora from all over the world.

Stating that the congress is a reflection of the Turkish world, which is an important symbol of civilization not only with its geographical size but also with its cultural and linguistic unity, Olpak noted that they will take their new term organization one step further by making the elections of country representatives and regional committee chairmen tomorrow.

Olpak stated that the Turkish diaspora, spread all over the world, adds strength and meaning to the society they live in with their structures that are compatible with their conditions and open to renewal.

“We are strengthening the network between our World Turkish Business Council and our diaspora”

Stating that he sees the diaspora as “brain power” rather than “brain drain”, Olpak said, “I describe the Turkish community living abroad as the ‘Turkish diaspora that transformed from migration to power’. I am proud of their achievements and congratulate them wholeheartedly. Among us, from the business world to education, from art to sports and “We have successful members in many fields, from politics to politics. With their success, they build bridges between our homeland and the countries they live in. As DEIK, while building bridges of trade, investment and friendship with our country business councils, we strengthen the network between our diaspora with our World Turkish Business Council.” he said.

“We have 2 important goals”

Nail Olpak stated that as DEİK, their motto is “commercial diplomacy” and as DTİK, their motto is “diaspora diplomacy” and said:

“For us, ‘diaspora diplomacy’ is not a secondary but a primary activity. Because it is very important that these activities are carried out by civil society like us. For this reason, DTİK aims to improve the relations of Turkish origin NGOs and diaspora representatives abroad, to make more trade and investments, It is a platform that aims to make each of them stronger. We have two important goals. The first is to increase the economic, political and social power of the Turkish community living abroad and to support them to contribute to our homeland. The second is to support the promotion of our country and strategic communication activities with the contribution of our diaspora representatives. “We carry out our DTİK work with our country representatives and city representatives operating under 6 regional committees around the world. Each country has an executive board consisting of its members, and each region has an executive board consisting of country representatives.”

“There are also changes and transformations in the concept of diaspora”

DEIK President Olpak said that his expectations from today’s diaspora are; He stated that while they protect their own values ​​in the society they live in, they are a compatible and qualified force with that society, and emphasized that, like every concept, there are changes and transformations in the concept of diaspora, and one of them is due to globalization.

Olpak said, “Despite globalization, there are migration journeys that continue their diaspora existence effectively, and there are those that fail. Here, the task falls on us all together. While we become stronger politically, economically and socially in our homeland, we increase our ties with our diaspora and contribute to their development, by contributing to the development of these lands.” “With our values, we will have a greater say in the new world order. As DEİK and DTİK, we will continue to increase the impact of our ‘commercial diplomacy’ and ‘diaspora diplomacy’.” he said.

Olpak thanked those who participated and supported the program.

After the opening ceremony, the award ceremony was held. The awards were presented by President Erdoğan, Minister of Commerce Bolat and DEİK President Nail Olpak.

At the ceremony, the Business World Award was given to Vodafone Group World Executive Board Member and European Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Serpil Timuray, the Entrepreneur Award was given to Crytek Founder and CEO Avni Yerli, and the Heartfelt Award was given to Aliya Izetbegovic Foundation Founding Board Member Sabina Izetbegovic Berberovic. Diaspora History Award was given to Academician Işıl Acehan.

The winner of the Academy Award is Jakarta Ambassador Prof. Dr. While it was presented to Talip Küçükcan, Somer Sivrioğlu received the Gastronomy Award, İsmail Acar received the Art Award, and former DTİK President and TOBB President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu received the DTİK Special Award. The award of Hisarcıklıoğlu, who could not attend the ceremony, was presented to TOBB Vice President Ali Kopuz.

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