Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır, in his speech at the Coca-Cola Digital Services Center Opening Programme, said that Turkey has been one of the regional and strategic management bases of Coca-Cola since 1964 and today Coca-Cola Turkey has 11 companies. He stated that he invested in Turkey and provided employment with 16 valuable brands produced in his factory.

Kacır said, “In addition to all these contributions, we attach special importance to the Coca-Cola Digital Services Center, which we will open today. First of all, for this valuable center that will serve 25 countries in the Eurasia and Middle East region, we have a strong R&D and innovation infrastructure and are committed to entrepreneurship.” I congratulate you for choosing Istanbul, the rising star of Europe.

We are happy that this initiative is the first of the centers planned to be established in Coca-Cola’s 9 separate operation groups. “We believe that this center will create added value with a multiplier effect for both our country and Coca-Cola.”

Stating that this center, which will provide fast and automatic access to information in areas such as marketing, finance and strategy, will also increase business efficiency with data analysis applications, Kacır said, “We believe that this center, which we opened, will be an example of success in digital transformation. After the earthquake disaster we experienced on February 6, the disaster “I would also like to especially thank Coca-Cola Turkey and the Coca-Cola Foundation for their unwavering support to the region.” he said.

Kacır pointed out that today technological progress and digital transformation have opened the doors of a new era and said, “All balances in the world are changing, competitive conditions are being reshaped. In the age of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ we are in, artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data, smart and autonomous devices, etc. Digital technologies create a radical transformation in all areas of our lives, from industry to agriculture, from health to energy.

This transformation not only improves business processes but also brings new business models and opportunities, increasing the competitiveness of businesses in the global arena. Countries that make the right investments at the right time in this transformation process will have a say in the world of the future. “We see this transformation as a historical opportunity to become one of the ten largest economies in the world and to establish our technological independence.”

“We aim to realize the digital transformation of the industry in Turkey with local and national solutions”

Stating that they broke Turkey’s export record with 254 billion dollars last year, Minister Kacır reminded that Turkey managed to grow at the second highest rate among OECD countries and third among G20 countries in the second quarter of 2023.

Kacır said, “In the last 20 years, we increased the ratio of our R&D expenditures to GDP from 0.5 to 1.4 percent. The number of patent applications, which was only 414 in 2002, increased more than 20 times and exceeded 9 thousand. The sustainability of these gains is critical for us.” We see digital transformation as an opportunity to increase the competitiveness of our industry and sustainable economic growth.

As the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we are working non-stop to lead Turkey’s digitalization journey and accelerate our country’s economic growth. We have taken important steps in this context and continue to do so. We provide applied lean production and digital transformation training to our businesses with Model Factories. “We will increase the number of model factories we have established from 8 to 14 in the coming period,” he said.

Stating that they aim to realize the digital transformation of the industry in Turkey with local and national solutions, Kacır said, “We support 36 projects within the scope of the digital transformation call of the Technology-Focused Industrial Move Program, which increases our competencies in high-tech fields. We have paved the way for an investment of 290 million dollars with these projects. KOBIGEL Support With the program, we support SMEs that both develop digital technologies and adapt these technologies to their manufacturing processes.

For a highly competitive Turkey, we are also implementing new programs that will ensure the digital transformation of businesses in critical technologies and increase the technological competence of our country. We will encourage long-term collaborations with companies for both green transformation and digital transformation, and will launch the Digital Transformation Support Program at the end of the year. “We will support investments in this field as priority investments within the scope of the incentive system.”

“We will transform our country into a global technology base”

Minister Kacır stated that they take an active role in the international arena in the field of digital transformation, as in every field, and that they signed for Turkey’s participation in the Digital Europe Program last week.

Stating that they will focus on increasing digital skills by accelerating the installation of digital infrastructures with Turkey’s Digital Europe Program, Kacır said, “Qualified human resources play a critical role in achieving our country’s digital transformation goals. We raise awareness in all segments of society with TEKNOFEST, the world’s largest aviation, space and technology festival, We offer our young people the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

With the DENEYAP Technology Workshops we have established all over Turkey, we provide secondary and high school students with digital skills at an early age. We strengthen the digital competencies of our university students with our ‘Sector on Campus’ program. With all these steps we have taken, we will realize the digital transformation of our industry and transform our country into a global technology base, in line with our National Technology Move vision. “We will build the Turkish Century together,” he said.

Kacır stated that they stand behind all investors who support Turkey’s growth in the fields of investment, production, exports and employment, and said, “In this regard, we have supported 17 investments of Coca-Cola İçecek AŞ, with a total fixed investment amount of 1.7 billion TL, within the scope of our incentive system in the last 10 years.” “Turkey will continue to bring benefits to everyone who invests in this country with its strong economy and qualified human resources. We see the Coca-Cola Digital Services Center as a sign of trust in our country’s potential and strong infrastructure.” He concluded his words by saying.

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