In his written statement, Minister of Family and Social Services Mahinur Özdemir Göktaş stated that the basis of children’s policies is to protect family integrity and raise the child as a healthy individual in the family environment and that they made the SED payment within this scope.

Stating that they attach importance to preserving family integrity and preparing children for the future alongside their families, Göktaş noted that they aim to prevent children from being separated from their families for economic reasons.

Emphasizing that they continue their work with the understanding of a society vision that leaves no one behind, befitting the Turkish Century, Göktaş said, “We do not leave families alone with the Social and Economic Support payment. With SED, we meet the basic needs and education expenses of families and their children. In this direction, September is added to the families’ accounts for our children who benefit from the SED service.” “We deposited a total of 579 million lira as the 2023 payment.” he said.

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