Minister of Commerce Ömer Bolat reminded that the day before, they held the 12th Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Trade and Economy of the Organization of Turkish States (TDT) and the 14th Meeting of the Economic Cooperation Working Group, and then attended the 10th Congress of the World Turkish Business Council.

Stating that trade diplomacy is an important field in which they, as the ministry, make bilateral and multilateral agreements with all the countries of the world and manage Turkey’s economic relations, Bolat said that in this context, they carry out various visits, host important guests, hold bilateral or multilateral agreements and international congresses. told.

Bolat talked about the important issues they discussed at the TDT meeting and said that technical teams and delegations will continue their work in order to increase mutual investments and facilitate trade, and that TDT will meet with the heads of state and government in Astana, Kazakhstan on November 3.

Minister Bolat said, “We held a kind of preparation meeting for that summit. We aim to take important decisions at that summit meeting to further the economic integration between the Turkish Republics.” he said.

“Turkey is now in a position to become a hub country in natural gas”

Minister of Commerce Bolat made the following statements about what opportunities await Turkey in Turkish states:

“The most important feature of TDT member countries is that they are rich in raw materials, especially energy. We are also a country in need of energy. Of course, although we continue our work on the extraction and discovery of natural gas and oil, we currently meet most of our needs through imports.” .

Natural gas pipelines and oil pipelines are important both for our own supply and for being a transit country in energy trade to Europe and the world. Türkiye is now in a position to become a hub country in natural gas. “We aim to become the central country in the world energy market.”

Bolat noted that the Turkish Republics are an important corridor in trade for the Silk Road, which starts from China, to reach Europe via Turkey, and said, “We call this the Middle Corridor. Here too, the renewal and improvement of transportation lines will play a very important role in increasing trade.” he said.

Stating that the exports and imports of TDT member and observer countries are approaching 1.3 trillion dollars, but the exports among themselves are 33 billion dollars, Bolat said, “This is a 6 percent share of their exports to the world. On November 3, the leaders met with this internal infrastructure for which we have prepared the infrastructure.” “We hope that they will make an important decision to increase the trade share to 10 percent.” he said.

“The Middle Corridor will maintain its importance forever”

Minister Ömer Bolat, upon a comment that the Middle Corridor, which extends from Beijing to London, is at the heart of the annual trade traffic of more than 600 billion dollars and stands out in international trade with the security and time savings it provides, will forever maintain its importance, said: “Of course, from history “The Silk Road existed centuries ago and will continue to exist. Our most important role here is that Turkey is a crossroads country. Turkey, a supply and production country, is also a transit and crossroads country. Every road passes through Turkey.” he said.

“Turkish diaspora will be a trade and investment bridge”

Minister of Commerce Bolat said that more than 4 thousand business people from 121 countries, including approximately 1,800 from abroad, attended the 10th Congress of the World Turkish Business Council, which was organized by the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) and brought together important names of the Turkish diaspora.

Talking about the importance of the Turkish diaspora being active socialists in the countries they live in and bonding and strengthening each other, Bolat gave the following information:

“Turkey is now an economy open to the world. We have a share of 620 billion dollars in world trade in terms of exports and imports. The most important indicator of this open economy is that the share of the total exports and imports accounts for around 70 percent of our total national income. Diaspora is Turkey’s contribution to the world. If it were not for our expats in Germany and Europe, we would have difficulty in making 45-50 percent of our exports to Europe.

First we started trading with them, then we reached other markets thanks to them. They will be primarily friendship ambassadors and trade ambassadors between Turkey and the countries where they are in our diaspora. They will be trade bridges and investment bridges. We gave these messages. “With the strong solidarity and solidarity among themselves, they will also be an effective lobby in the political, social and community areas in the country they are in.”

Bolat noted that the Turkish diaspora is on its way to becoming one of the most influential diasporas in the world and said, “But for this, we need to increase the bridges of dialogue and cooperation between our citizens abroad and Turkey.” he said.

“It is not possible to talk about a problem such as access to finance (in exports)”

Minister Ömer Bolat stated that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will go to the USA today to attend the general discussions of the 78th UN General Assembly to be held in New York, and said that important meetings and programs will be held with US international investors.

Stating that they will also accompany President Erdoğan, Bolat stated that they will hold meetings with investors and business people.

Talking about the increase in rediscount loans offered to exporters, Bolat said that they have adopted the goal of contributing to growth by increasing exports in response to foreign demand in the new period.

Stating that they, as the Ministry of Commerce, have been in intensive negotiations with the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and the CBRT, Bolat said that the rediscount credits offered to exporters have increased 10 times in the recent period.

Reminding that rediscount credits have been increased to 3 billion 50 million liras per day, Bolat said, “This means that the daily credit limit of 102 million dollars is for exporters. In this sense, it is no longer possible to talk about a problem such as access to finance.”

We also expect performance and action from them. “We expect our exporters to take action with these new financing opportunities they have gained and make a breakthrough in exports in an environment where global demand is falling, stagnation is on the rise, and trade and growth are very stagnant.”

Explaining that, as the government, they stand by exporters with the slogan “export is the only way”, Bolat said, “Our efforts to increase our exports, foreign trade and foreign exchange income with such support mechanisms in line with the World Trade Organization rules will continue with great determination.” he said.

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