At the opening, the BIST 100 index fell to 7,952.42 points, decreasing by 9.56 points and losing 0.12 percent in value compared to the previous closing.

While the banking index decreased by 0.40 percent, the holding index increased by 0.02 percent. Among the sector indices, the biggest gainer was forest paper printing with 0.87 percent, and the biggest loser was insurance with 0.95 percent.

BIST 100 index, which followed a sales-oriented trend on Friday, finished the day at 7,961.98 points with a 1.93 percent loss of value.

Analysts stated that global equity markets started the week positively, when the central banks of the USA, England and Japan will announce their monetary policies, and noted that all eyes in the country are on the interest rate decision of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT).

Reminding that there is a 99 percent probability that the policy rate will remain constant at the meeting of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) on Wednesday, analysts reported that attention turned to the signals in the policy text and the statements of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell after the meeting.

Alibaba Group President Michael Evans stated that Turkey has the potential to become the world’s leading e-export country and noted that they have 2 billion dollar investment plans here in the coming period.

On the other hand, the CBRT took additional steps to support TL deposits in line with data showing that the transition to TL is accelerating. The commission application where exchange rate protected accounts are considered as TL deposits has ended, and the transition and renewal rates to TL will be decisive.

In addition, with the CBRT communiqués published in the Official Gazette, a technical change was made in the date condition of real person conversion accounts and the date was moved from 30 June 2023 to 31 August 2023.

Accordingly, domestic real persons will be able to convert their gold, dollar, euro and British pound deposit and participation fund accounts in banks into TL as of August 31, 2023.

Analysts stated that the data agenda abroad is calm today, while international investment position and housing price index data will be followed domestically, and noted that technically, 8,000 and 8,100 points in the BIST 100 index are resistance, while 7,900 and 7,800 points are support.

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