The morning part of the all-day event was held in a hotel in London, and the afternoon part was held in the British Parliament.

At the event opened by Turkey’s Ambassador to London Osman Koray Ertaş, high-level representatives of the Turkish and British business world, finance and investment experts exchanged views.

“Turkey has many strengths”

Ambassador Ertaş stated that Turkey aims to be among the top 10 economies in the world and that this can be achieved with more trade and investment, and advised investors to evaluate investment opportunities in Turkey.

Drawing attention to the importance of Turkey for investors, Ertaş said, “Turkey has many strong aspects. Turkey is an important bridge, a gateway between the east and the west, with connections to many regions.”

Ertaş pointed out that there is a market where approximately 1.5 billion people live within a 4-hour flight distance from Turkey, and reminded that it is possible for potential investors to access the European market through the Customs Union Agreement.

Ambassador Ertaş emphasized that Turkey is an important manufacturing production center with its dynamic and qualified population, half of which is under the age of 35.

“Togg sees itself as a technology company, not just an automobile company”

Chris Gaunt, President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey, stated that he was very pleased with the gradual growth of mutual trade and investments between Turkey and England, and said that Turkey has great potential in terms of investments.

Gaunt also stated that he visited the production facilities of Turkey’s automobile Togg and was very impressed, adding, “Togg sees itself not only as an automobile company but also as a technology company. Because the technology used in those automobiles is extraordinary. It is a great opportunity to work like Togg.”

Emine Azed Acar, Senior Project Manager of EEL Events, which organized the event, said: “‘Invest in Turkey Forum 2023’ offers international investors and the business world the opportunity to be included in the Turkey-United Kingdom economic corridor.” he said.

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