The Communiqué on the Ship Agency Services Fee Tariff prepared by the Ministry of Commerce was published in the Official Gazette.

The provisions of the Communiqué cover the fees for ship agency services provided by real persons or legal entities operating as ship agencies.

Accordingly, agency services will cost between 600 euros and 4 thousand euros, and protective agency services will cost between 300 euros and 2 thousand euros, depending on the tonnage of the ship.

For ships passing through the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus, agency services will vary between 200 and 640 euros and protective agency services will vary between 100 and 320 euros.

On the other hand, surveillance services fees, commission and premium rates were also determined.

Collection of fees and expenses

All agency, protective agency, commission, bonus, supervision, port fees and other expenses of ships sailing to Turkish ports or passing through the Turkish straits will be paid in advance to the ship agency.

Taxes, duties, charges, stamps and compulsory expenses related to cargo, passengers or goods of ships and marine vehicles, as well as expenses to be paid for machinery, equipment, materials and personnel of ships and marine vessels, freight collection and remittance expenses will not be included in the fees to be charged in accordance with this communiqué.

The circular will enter into force one month after its publication.

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