Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) President Mustafa Yılmaz noted that there are 6 thousand 633 slow charging (AC) and 2 thousand 228 DC charging points in 4 thousand 221 charging stations across the country.

Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) President Mustafa Yılmaz emphasized that there are charging stations in 81 provinces and the number of charging stations is increasing rapidly.

Yılmaz said, “According to the latest figures, we have reached a total of 8 thousand 861 charging points, 6 thousand 633 of which are AC and 2 thousand 228 DC points, in 4 thousand 221 charging stations. In our country, there is approximately one DC charging point for every 14 vehicles and the number of DC charging points per vehicle is “Turkey ranks 1st in Europe in terms of points. Of course, this situation is directly related to the number of vehicles, but on the one hand, while the number of electric vehicles is increasing rapidly, it is very important that our charging points also increase at the same speed. This situation is truly proud for our industry.” said.

Information about charging stations is on the EMRA website.

Recommending the mobile application Şarj@TR developed by EMRA to all electric vehicle owners, Yılmaz stated that with the application, the geographical locations of charging stations, number of charging units and sockets, types and powers, payment methods, availability and charging service prices can be seen instantly.

Yılmaz stated that the Şarj@TR mobile application is an application that will make the lives of electric vehicle owners easier and said, “We also started to publish information about charging stations on our institution’s website. Our citizens will be able to access all the necessary information – such as which charging station is where – from our website. In addition, in our country, ‘in which city is charging ‘How many charging stations and how many charging points are serviced?’ “The answers to questions such as these can be followed continuously by the public on this page.” made his assessment.

33 thousand electric vehicles in traffic

According to the data announced by TÜİK, there are approximately 33 thousand electric vehicles in traffic as of July, while TOGG, Turkey’s first domestic and national automobile, continues to rapidly take its place on the roads.

EMRA, which establishes the infrastructure of the electric vehicle market and regulates charging services, continues to take steps to make the lives of electric vehicle owners easier in this field.

Green charging stations are coming

While the number of electric vehicles is increasing in Turkey, the EMRA regulation that will allow these vehicles to be used in a more environmentally friendly manner is also in force. With the regulation, charging network operator license holders can designate all or some of the charging stations in their charging network as green charging stations.

Drawing attention to the importance of green charging stations, where it is certified that all the electrical energy supplied to electric vehicles is produced by renewable energy sources, Yılmaz said:

“In order to meet the electricity needs of any charging station, it is already possible to establish an electricity production facility based on renewable energy sources and an electricity storage facility integrated into the consumption facility within the charging station. Now, in addition to charging stations integrated with the electricity storage and renewable energy production facility, YEK-G certified “Charging services for electric vehicles can also be provided with green charging stations. We expect our industry to continue its investments in this regard.”

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