According to the announcement of the YSK Presidency published in the Official Gazette, 15 contracted IT personnel will be recruited to be employed in the central organization.

Applications for personnel recruitment will start on September 22, and will be made electronically via the “Supreme Election Board Career Gate Public Recruitment” service or the “Career Gate” website via e-Government. Following the applications, which will continue until October 3, a separate list will be created for each position, starting from the highest score, according to the ranking of candidates who meet the special and general conditions.

In the oral exam, which will be held in a single stage, professional knowledge and expertise related to the applied position will be evaluated. Following the oral exam to be held out of 100 full points, the final success order of the main and substitute candidates will be announced on the YSK’s official website.

A contract will not be signed with each candidate who passes the exam and whose security clearance is not suitable.

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