According to the statement made by THY Press Consultancy, THY, which won an award in the “World Class” category at the special event held in California, USA, once again demonstrated its leadership in guest experience and service quality on a global scale.

THY Deputy General Manager Ahmet Olulmuş, whose views were included in the statement, said:

“Receiving the APEX World Class Award is a result of the dedication shown by all our teammates. The ergonomic seats, personal service and unique treats we offer to meet the needs of our guests are part of our efforts to make the flight experience unique. This award shows how correct our strategies and efforts are.” “It shows and motivates us to make improvements towards our future goals.”

“Each of THY flights symbolizes luxury and innovation”

APEX Chief Executive (CEO) Dr. Joe Leader said about THY’s success: “THY continued its success among five-star airlines as an example of excellence and was among the winners. Each of THY flights symbolizes luxury and innovation. With the touch of flying chefs, every meal turns into a unique culinary journey.” I congratulate THY for receiving the APEX World Class award.” made his assessment.

THY is among the few airlines rewarded by APEX, taking into account health safety, sustainability and guest experience criteria. Comprehensive audits carried out by aviation industry professionals also prove that THY has reached global standards in this field.

In addition, the “World Class” award once again confirms THY’s commitment to constantly improving the passenger experience and keeping service quality at the highest level.

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