The eyes of millions of retirees are on the legal regulation regarding the salary increase that will be brought to the agenda with the opening of the Parliament. Final preparations are being made for the proposal.

The main elements of that work began to become clear. In the raise regulation, the focus was primarily on root salaries. Increasing the minimum pension may be on the agenda.

It will be clear after the completion of the study whether the minimum pension will be increased, which is 7 thousand 500 lira in the current practice. Once the work on this issue is completed, it will be discussed at the Cabinet meeting chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Then the process in the Turkish Grand National Assembly will begin.

It is expected to be passed by the Parliament by the New Year.

There are days left until the Parliament opens. The study, which has been finalized within this period, is expected to be submitted to the Presidency of the Parliament as a legislative proposal.

It is expected that the legal regulation will come to the agenda of the Parliament in October and be passed by the General Assembly before the new year.

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