Work on pensions continues. Millions of retirees have their eyes on the legal regulation regarding salary increases. The Parliament will open on October 1. One of the priority issues to be discussed will be the regulation regarding pensions.

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security continue to work on pension regulation.

“The first scenario is to give the inflation difference together with the welfare share at the beginning of the year.”

Social Security Chief Expert İsa Karakaş stated the following in his evaluation on the subject in TRT Haber;

The salary of nearly 5 million retirees is currently around 7,500 lira. Therefore, those who are SSK and Bağkur retirees whose salary is 7 thousand 500 lira will have to update at least the July-August-September inflation rate. Again, the first scenario is to take July-August-September inflation into account and increase it, while other retirees are given the inflation difference and welfare share at the beginning of the year.

The second scenario is not only the lowest pensions but also updating the salaries of other retirees at least in line with the actual inflation. But as I said, all these formulas are just public expectations and talked about scenarios.

The legal regulation is expected to be brought to the agenda of the Parliament in October.

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