Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association (DKİB) Deputy Chairman Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan stated that aquatic products were exported to 21 countries from Trabzon last year.

Stating that aquatic products worth 75 million 913 thousand dollars were exported from the city for 11 thousand 51 tons in 2022, Gürdoğan said: “Last year, 20 thousand 973 tons of aquatic products were exported from our city and a profit of 120 million 153 thousand achieved.” It achieved 527 dollars. Accordingly, the export of aquatic products was carried out in the previous year. “Compared to last year, it has increased by 90 percent in volume and 58 percent in value,” he said.

Gürdoğan emphasized that the Russian Federation is the leader in the export of the city’s aquatic products, noting that 13,480 tons of aquatic products were exported to the said country for $72,611,285.

Gürdoğan explained that the Russian Federation was followed by Vietnam with 32 million 439 thousand 990 dollars and Japan with 2 million 403 thousand 170 dollars. In contrast to the previous year, aquatic products were also distributed to Myanmar, Belarus, Sweden, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia last year. He said it had been sold.

Gürdoğan expressed that he expects the export of aquatic products to continue its increasing trend in 2024.

Pointing out that companies from Trabzon mainly export Turkish salmon as aquatic products, Gürdoğan explained that anchovies and sea bass are sold to European countries.

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