Speaking at the State Hydraulic Works (DSI) Senior Management Evaluation and Training Seminar, Minister Yumaklı said that water, the source of life, is equally important for the continuity of life.

Pointing out that if we look at the history of the world, all civilizations were founded right next to water resources, Yumaklı said: “In this sense, the possession of water is strategically important for both countries and nations. As a country we consider water, which is the most important element of our economic development, as a strategic area and “We manage strategically.” he said.

Emphasizing that water is needed for the sustainability of agriculture, industry and the energy sector, the three pillars of the Turkish economy, Yumaklı said: “This need is increasing day by day. It is our institution that addresses this need with its experience and knowledge.” DSI. With its projects and studies it is both in our country and in the world.” “We have an institution that is highlighted in the world.” he said.

Stating that DSI is one of the largest investor institutions in the country, Yumaklı said: “In this way, we bring investments to every corner of our country and raise the service flag of our ministry. DSI has completed thousands of irrigation, energy, drinking water, consolidation and flood control projects to date,” said.

“We have completed more than 10,000 projects in the last 21 years”

Agriculture and Forestry Minister Yumaklı said that in the past 21 years they have implemented more than 10,000 projects through the transfer of resources worth 2.4 trillion lira. Yumaklı stated that the future of water, especially global climate change and population growth, should be evaluated within the framework of the new normal.

Stating that preventing water wastage is an important issue, Yumaklı said: “We have set a goal of providing 527 more water and irrigation facilities to our beloved nation in 2024. We must make great efforts to achieve this goal,” he said.

Yumaklı pointed out the importance of proper management of water resources and emphasized that the implementation of pressure irrigation networks should continue in agriculture, the sector that consumes the most water in the country.

Yumaklı emphasized that they should continue to popularize all kinds of smart applications and modern irrigation systems, including artificial intelligence, and stated that they should be extremely sensitive to flooding.

“Where there is water, there is life and abundance”

DSI Managing Director Mehmet Akif Balta also explained that the amount of water in the world is largely constant and is subject to major changes within the water cycle.

Pointing out that the world’s population is increasing day by day, Balta said: “While the amount of water we have is constant, the amount of water per capita has proportionally decreased as the population increases and continues to decrease,” said.

Drawing attention to global warming and climate change, Balta said: “Drought occurring due to an average increase of 1.1 degrees in world temperature seriously threatens our freshwater resources and wetlands,” he said.

Balta explained that last year was a productive year for DSI: “We completed a total of 501 facilities in 2023 and put them at the service of our nation. “The biggest insurance we have against agricultural water needs, drinking water, drought, irregular rainfall and energy needs are the dams, ponds we have built, drinking water facilities, irrigation facilities, consolidation projects and HEPPs,” he said.

Balta promised that they will work in 2024 without wasting a single drop of water, saying: “2024 will be the year of irrigation. We plan to spend 78 percent of our budget on investments in the agricultural sector,” said.

Noting that where there is water, there is life and abundance, Balta said: “Where there is water, there is civilization. Where there is water, there is DSI,” he said.

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