The Communiqué on Amendments to the Communiqué on the General Implementation of VAT prepared by the Ministry of Finance and Finance was published in the Official Gazette.

The communiqué established regulations regarding organizations that can withhold VAT.

A legal regulation was adopted for the payment of part of the amount of VAT payable by the buyer to the seller directly by the buyer as “responsible person” by declaring the latter as “responsible person” to the State, which held the state responsible for tax deductions within the framework of the Combating informality. The message included explanations and examples on the topic.

The aim was to address some concerns

While public economic entities established by law were included in the circle of those applying a 5/10 VAT deduction to all purchases of services that were not expressly listed in the relevant communiqué, there were concerns about those that were not directly established by law. In order to address these concerns, public economic institutions and state-owned commercial enterprises as well as public commercial enterprises were also allowed to make withholdings.

On the other hand, the limit of 2,000 lira applicable to each transaction in the partial withholding application has been set as the invoice issuance limit, which is updated every year in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law. As part of the court decision, the notice also included explanations on the method of calculating late payment interest for tax debts in applications from taxpayers to offset VAT refund claims against their tax debts.

The communiqué also contained corrections regarding the legal provisions extending the duration of the exemptions contained in the provisional 20th, provisional 29th, provisional 32nd and provisional 33rd articles of the VAT Law.

Some articles of the communiqué set the effective date as today, while others set the effective date at the beginning of March.

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