The BIST 100 index, which reached its all-time high of 9,016.02 points in the first half of the day, reached 8,985.89 at 1 p.m., up 36.09 points and 0.40 percent from the previous closing price corresponds. The total transaction volume was 54.6 billion lira.

While the banking index lost 0.63 percent in value, the holding index increased by 0.24 percent. Among the industry indices, mining recorded the highest gain of 3.08 percent and insurance the highest loss of 0.84 percent.

Analysts said risk appetite in global stock markets remained strong as data released in the US pointed to a strong stance for the country’s economy, favoring “soft landing” scenarios, and global corporate profitability remained above expectations lie.

Analysts said that the data agenda at home and abroad will remain calm in the afternoon, noting that 9,140 points in the BIST 100 index technically represent resistance and 8,900 and 8,800 points represent support.

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